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I dream that I'm trapped in a photograph....

....with the sun slowly bleaching the color

2 May 1989
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Sarah. Nineteen. New Orleans born but Memphis bred. Soon to reside in CA/Ill. (depends on college transferal). Poetess, ficition writer, & art/movie critic. sXe. Vegetarian, but far from fanatical. Fluent in 3.5 languages including Japanese. University student. Possesses a love for diversity/openmindedness that reflects itself in political, musical, literary, and aesthetic tastes. Smoothie addict.

[♥] J-Rock. LUNA SEA. Vintage clothing. Photography. Japanese culture, including, but not limited to, history, music, fashion, and anime. Liveshows. Politics. Inane childhood things like racing go carts and playing old school Nintendo. Body modification (only piercing/tattoos). Literature. Green tea. Indian (Asia) cuisine. Civilization IV. Old films. World of Warcraft. Foriegn cultures. Rainy days.

[-] Bigots. Stupid fangirls (Mary Sues esp.) Attention whores. Posers. Uncleanliness. Arrogance.


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